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Magic in the palm of your hand!

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After a lifetime of creating new products in the toy and game categories for all of the major US toy companies, renowned toy inventors decided to begin manufacturing and marketing their favorite creations directly to consumers. Every toy that Top Secret Toys has made has been reviewed and applauded by many of the greatest minds in the toy industry. The Top Secret Toys team spans the globe and is rich with decades of experience.

GigaPets Pixie

The Most Advance GigaPet ever!

With GigaPets Pixie the possibilities are endless because there are 8 different evolutions to experience! Chose from 4 fun games AND cast spells to earn materials which can be crafted into potions. The choices you make will influence your evolution path!

Tons of Activities!

Cast Sells Craft Potions Save the Forest Fly Through Rings Go Fishing! Explore a Maze Eat Berries Bathe in a Waterfall



✨8 DIFFERENT EVOLUTIONS – There are 8 different forms of your very own pixie for you to interact and play with. The choices you make will impact which pixies you meet!
⭐4 MINI GAMES – The GigaPets Pixie includes 4 mini games which get progressively harder as your pixie evolves. In the games, you will defend the forest, catch fish, dive through hoops, and help your pixie out of a winding maze.
💚CRAFT POTIONS – The Pixie sets itself apart from all other GigaPets with the introduction of magic! Collect elements by playing games and casting weather spells. Then, combine those elements together to create potions which will boost your pixie’s stats and influence their evolution path.
💐COMES IN 3 GREAT DESIGNS – The Pixie generation of GigaPets comes in 3 color variations. Each has super flexible wings and comes with a keychain, so that you can take your pixie anywhere you go. Recommended for ages 5 and up.