Syntech 2 in 1 Airplane Magnetic

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Product Description

phone holder for airplane airplane phone holder mount phone holder for plane travel

airplane travel essentials airplane essentials airplane travel essentials 1 Silent Rotation 2 Convenient and Portable 3 Single-handed Operation

international travel must haves Robust Magnetic Strength

The holder features 16 potent N52 magnets capable of securely holding the weight of up to 7 phones.

universal in flight airplane phone holder mount Steadfast Base

Ensures secure attachment of your plane phone holder mount to seat backs or tray tables.

airplane phone holder mount Adjustable Angle

Enjoy a better viewing experience with the adjustable design, allowing you to set the angle.

1 Magnetic Might 2 Super Stable 3 Customizable Angle

airplane phone holderairplane phone holder

plane accessoriesplane accessories

What should be noted when using the holder on an airplane?

At first, it is recommended to open the plane tray table, clip the stand base above it, and finally fasten it.

You can also open the tray table and clip the holder onto any side.

What should be noted when using the magnetic mount?

Removing phone before adjusting the holder to avoid dropping it. Additionally, when installing or removing phone from the magnetic holder, please hold the bottom and release it after confirming that it is within or away from magnetic suction range.

Why can’t the phone work on the magnetic mount?

1. If you are using a phone case, please make sure that the case supports magnetic suction, which is very important.

2. Android users need to paste a magnetic ring.

3. iPhone 12 and above users can use it directly without a magnetic ring.

How do I switch the mount to a clamp?

Step 1: Loosen the nut and remove the joint from the slot.

Step 2: Through the ball head into the nut buckle.

Step 3: Insert the ball head into the card slot.

Step 4: Tighten the nut.

How should I use the magnetic ring?

Tear off the seal of the magnetic ring and install it on the outside of the phone case to enable the magnetic suction.

✈️【Enhanced Portability】Our airplane accessories must haves phone holder mount is meticulously engineered to be exceptionally lightweight and compact for elevating travel convenience. This design allows you to carry it without any burden. Moreover, the accompanying carabiner conveniently fastens the holder to your backpack or strap for quick access. The carefully crafted storage bag efficiently organizes the phone holder and accessories, saving more space in your backpack!
✈️【Unparalleled Stability】The Syntech magnetic travel phone holder stand features 16 powerful N52 magnets, effortlessly accommodating the weight of up to 7 standard phones. Additionally, our plane phone holder with clamp introduces silicone anti-slip protection, delivering unmatched stability for your device. Now you can immerse yourself in a world of movies and shows and bid farewell to any concerns about abrupt shaking or accidental slipping of your phone.
✈️【Flexible & Noiseless】Our innovative ball-and-socket design breaks the confines of fixed angles. You can effortlessly find your desired viewing angle with a full 360-degree horizontal and 45-degree vertical rotation capability. Departing from conventional holders that produce rotation noise, our flight phone holder showcases a noise-free one-handed rotation feature, staying discreet and considerate to fellow travelers while relishing and indulging in the ultimate hands-free experience.
✈️【Suitable for Various Scenarios】The maximum width of the base clip is 1.15 inches, which is suitable for diverse scenarios, encompassing airplane trays, train surfaces, luggage, desks, beds, shelves, chairs, and more. Whether you’re on a journey or incorporating it into your daily routine, the travel phone holder will free up your hands completely, saying goodbye to the burden of heavy phones!
✈️【Wide Compatibility】The clamp-based phone holder accommodates 4.7 to 6.9 inches of phones. Meanwhile, the magnetic phone holder is compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12 series, provided your case supports magnetic suction. Additionally, we proudly provide a 12-month warranty and responsive customer support. (Note: Our magnetic ring can be affixed to your case for phones or cases incompatible with magnetic suction, enabling this function.)