nwm NTT Sonority Wireless Open-Ear




Price: $89.00
(as of Dec 19, 2023 13:50:32 UTC – Details)

Personalized Sound Zone Technology | NTT’s groundbreaking acoustic innovation. Confines sound within your ears by playing perfectly opposite soundwaves on the outside. Enjoy your music or attend video meetings in complete privacy without sound leaking.
Natural conversation & connection | Feel natural speaking in-person or online. Hear your surroundings and the sound of your own voice without it sounding muffled. High-quality microphone with active noise reduction included for crisp teleconferencing.
Sounds like high-quality background music | 12mm drivers for crisp sound quality. Customizable equalizer and multi-point connection from nwm Connect app (iOS, Android). Experience a new dimension of music: like a speaker in the room that only you can hear.
Lightweight and feature | Made of durable yet soft nylon material providing lightweight and comfortable fit. Up to 20 hours of music playback for a stress-free, immersive audio experience all day long.
Designed in Japan | NTT Sonority, the audio engineering arm of NTT, Japan’s leading telecommunications provider, boasts a rich history of audio innovation, with a legacy spanning over several decades. Enjoy the highest standards of craftsmanship.