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Fenolical switch carrying caseFenolical switch carrying case

switch caseswitch case

Dedicated Groove DesignDedicated Groove Design

Comfortable Rubber HandlesComfortable Rubber Handles

Durable StitchingDurable Stitching

Dedicated Groove Design

The switch bag has a unique design of slots for storing the Joycon L&R, and AC adapters, which have their own fixed locations for placement. Other similar switch packages in this market with only messy compartments to house the AC adapter will stand out.

Comfortable Rubber Handles

Comfortable rubber handle, toughness, wear-resistant and durable. Portable design, a pull a lift can take the switch away, bearing strength. The most important thing is to hold it in your hand for a long time without rubbing your fingers.

Durable Stitching

Suture workmanship is very fine. The sutures are uniform, and the overall sutures are smooth and consistent without any excess threads. And it is firm and not easy to break, so you don’t have to worry about the bag will crack after a long time.

switch caseswitch case

short tripshort trip

Buddy PartyBuddy Party

Outdoor CampingOutdoor Camping

Short Trip

Switch storage boxes are compact and lightweight, making it easy to put in and out of your suitcase. Very convenient to carry, let you play anytime and anywhere. It’s never boring when you’re waiting at the airport with your family.

Buddy Party

You can carry your suitcase to your friend’s house for a weekend party. Friends play games happily together anytime and anywhere. Usually do not play games, you can put the kits in the switch carrying case, so that it is neat and can protect the machine and kits intact.

Outdoor Camping

The switch storage bag is powerful, not only anti-fall and crash-resistant, but also has a large internal capacity, which can easily store the console and accessories, as well as 20 game card slots. It allows you to freely switch your favorite games in the outdoors. It is an essential equipment for outdoor activities and is highly recommended.

Fenolical switch carrying caseFenolical switch carrying case

Why Fenolical Switch Carrying Case is right for you?

Truly Understanding the Needs of Players

The Nintendo Switch carrying case produced by Fenolical comes with a 20 built-in game card slots and storage on the back. At the same time, there is an autocratic groove, which is specially used to store the left and right Joycons and AC adapters. The built-in soft foam makes the Nintendo Switch carrying case provide better impact and compression resistance, protecting your beloved Switch. At the same time, the water-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-collision material used in the outer layer of the carrying case can also bring absolute protection to your Switch in daily life. It can be called a personal companion of Switch when you go out.

Comfortable Use Experience

With a size of 26.5 x 7.9 x 13.5, the Nintendo Switch carrying case is reasonable in size and convenient to carry. Daily accessories are easily installed, no longer need to be managed separately, and can be taken away directly when going out. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about bumping and damaging the equipment during the trip. It can not only go out on the street, but also has the function of traveling and carrying. Whether it is for storage or for going out on the street or carrying it outdoors, Fenolical has thought of it. Travel more assured, more at ease!

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Dedicated Grooved Plus Wire Slot Design – The Carrying Case has precision cut slots, which are specially designed for storing left & right Joycon and AC Adapter, which are more practical than mesh pockets on the market. Freestanding design to avoid the AC Adapter from being scratched and keeps the charger intact. With inner soft foam, the carrying case provides better shock resistance and compression resistance, protecting your beloved case.
Sufficient Storage Space – The storage box is very suitable for it around with larger capacity, and the independent areas on both sides have their own storage space without interfering with each other. The travel case can stably accommodate the left and right Joycon and the AC Adapter in the custom groove. In addition, it also has 20 built-in game card slots, which fully satisfy the clear storage needs of game cards.
Multi-layer protection inside and outside – The case shell is made of 1680D nylon material plus a layer of hard cotton material, which is strong enough to resist compression and deformation. At the same time, there is a layer of soft lining behind the card slot to prevent hanging marks. The bottom layer has built-in four-corner grooves, so that the machine fits tightly, which is stable and does not damage the case.
Additional Utility Features – Nylon Velcro locks secure the case inside the case for easy opening and closing, strong and durable. And Velcro hair surface for fingers protection and feel gently. In addition, if you lift the unique tab smoothly, you can pick up quickly. These two practical functions, make your case more stable and convenient when you are traveling or not in use.
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